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Septic Tank Installations In Kelowna BC Canada

Septic tanks and septic systems are essential for the proper removal of waste from your home’s bathroom, kitchen, and shower. Although many existing homes are connected to municipal sewer lines, new homes will need to have a new system installed. Some homeowners may need to update their septic system after experiencing septic issues. Unfortunately, these projects—both the replacement and installation of septic systems—can be costly and overwhelming for homeowners.

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Septic Tank Installation Cost

Several factors will affect the total cost of your septic tank installation. More complicated systems will cost more money than simple options. Some types of septic systems require a large amount of space to operate. Therefore, your installation costs will increase. If you install a new septic tank system, you must include the additional costs for preparation, permitting, and perc testing. In addition, labor costs and home size must be considered when planning a septic tank installation.

We will break down the estimated costs of the different septic system installations to help you estimate the total cost for your project.