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Septic Tank Inspections In Kelowna BC Canada

A septic inspection is vital for the health of all the family members living in your house and so that owners must ensure that septic systems are inspected regularly. However, because these systems are installed beneath the ground, most people forget about them until something goes wrong.

A septic system disposes and treats unwanted solids and wastewater from a building or facility’s plumbing system. Partial break down of these solids takes place in a septic tank followed by their separation from scum (grease, oil, and fat, and effluent (water). Effluent continues to exist in the tank regularly and goes into a drain field where it gets filtered by bacteria naturally and then enters into the groundwater. However, sludge and scum should be periodically pumped and must be kept away from the drain field.

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Should I Have A Septic Inspection?

Before you purchase a house, you have to hire an inspector to run an inspection to make sure everything is working fine and that you can seal the deal. The inspection usually involves inspecting the house and checking for any potential damages, pests, etc. However, one of the most important things to check is the septic system.