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Aerator Installation and Service

Aerator Installation and Service In Kelowna BC Canada

Kelowna Septic Pros continually strives to promote balanced aquatic ecosystems for the enjoyment of all who enjoy lakes and ponds. A widely used tool to achieve this goal is aeration. Floating fountains, surface aerators, and submersed aerators are highly effective at improving oxygen circulation and creating a desirable aquatic environment. 

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Clients count on the SSI Aeration, Inc. installation team for:

  • Certifications: Every SSI installation technician has the required OSHA certificates in addition to any additional certifications needed in the region.
  • Liability coverage: All installers have the necessary liability insurance to ensure a worry-free installation process.
  • Equipment: SSI installers provide company equipment to perform to leading industry standards.
  • In-house training: The installers at SSI have experience working with SSI systems and understand the nuances of each product.

SSI installation technicians have the experience and training to provide a fast and straightforward installation experience.